PMI-ACP® Virtual Classroom via Skype

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On-Demand + 3 Skype Sessions • 27 Hours / 27 PDUs • 100% Guaranteed!

  • Class Duration = 2 Hours; A recording of the class will be available for any student who misses the class.

The classroom is virtual but the training still integrates the best of Agile with materials based on the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) - Sixth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc. 2017, and includes comprehensive preparation for the PMI - Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP)® exam.

The recent release of the PMBOK® Guide - Sixth Edition has unleashed a silent tsunami by shifting the tectonic plates of the Project Management profession. The release of the new PMBOK® Guide with Agile in every Knowledge Area … is the biggest change in 20 years! It confirms that Agile is now mainstream, that it is the hottest skillset in project management, and that a PMP® credential may get you the interview, but your Agile expertise gets you the job!

The PMI-ACP® certification is the fastest growing certification in PMI history with more than 17,000 certification holders. This is not a fad! It is the new reality!!

The good news for most PMP® credential holders is they are more qualified than they realize.  You may not be using Scrum vocabulary, but you are using core Agile practices like Rolling Wave Planning, Progressive Elaboration, and Decomposition.

Now you can get world-class PMI-ACP® exam prep training without traveling or losing work time. This class combines 3 virtual classroom (Skype) sessions with on-demand, anytime, anywhere training. The training includes a 100% Money-back Guarantee, so if you don't pass on your 1st Try  we refund your questions asked! 

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  • Amazon #1 Best Seller – The Agile Almanac, Book 1, PDF Version ($49.95 value)
  • 73 Videos/Audios with 7 hours of content (only available here)
  • Every video/audio includes a word-for-word transcript to make it easy to understand as you read and listen (only available here)
  • Comprehensive Online Exam Simulator ($199.95 value)
  • Comprehensive Online Flashcards ($19.95 value)
  • PDF PPT deck (all 260 slides) to download and print or save for optimized note taking ($99.95 value)
  • 21 Hours of training plus 21 PDUs for PMP® credential holders  

Backed by the GR8PM 100% Money-back, Guarantee!

The class materials are worth over $600 and include 2 critical components not available anywhere else. Study at your own pace and connect with an expert Agile Instructor to focus on your questions. Tailored learning makes it as easy as possible to master Agile and pass the exam when you're ready!


Each virtual class is held on the dates you select when you register.


Earlybird, Member Price is only $399 (or $220 if you already own the GR8PM On-Demand Student Materials Combo-Pack). 


Module 1: The Agile World

  • What do Agile Practitioners do?
  • How do Organizations become Agile?
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 2: The Traditional Perspective of Agile 

  • Mapping Agile to the PMBOK® Guide
  • Finding Your 1,500 Agile Hours
  • Familiar Examples in Your World
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 3: Agile & Lean Principles

  • Agile Lexicon and Workflow
  • Agile Manifesto and the 12 Principles
  • Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 4: Scrum Deep Dive

  • Roles and Workflow
  • Ceremonies (Meetings) and Artifacts
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 5: eXtreme Programming (XP) Deep Dive

  • Roles and Workflow
  • Ceremonies (Meetings) and Artifacts
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 6: Lean Software Development (LSD) Deep Dive

  • Roles and Workflow
  • Ceremonies (Meetings) and Artifacts
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 7: Kanban Basics Deep Dive  

  • Roles and Workflow
  • Ceremonies (Meetings) and Artifacts
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 8: Hybrid Deep Dive

  • Roles and Workflow
  • Ceremonies (Meetings) and Artifacts
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 9: User Stories

  • Unraveling Their Deceptive Sophistication
  • How to Use and Teach Them to Your Teams
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 10: Planning Poker

  • The Science Behind It’s Amazing Power
  • How to Use and Teach It to Your Teams
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 11: Derived (Calculated) Schedules

  • How It Auto-Magically Corrects Estimation Bias and Error
  • How to Use and Teach It to Your Teams and Organization
  • Quizzes & Chapter Test

Module 12: How to Pass the Exam…the First Try!

  • Completing the Application
  • What the Exam Tests
  • Use a Standardized Testing Strategy

Module 13: Comprehensive Exam


  • Class #1 – Introduction, Ground Rules, and Modules 1 – 3
  • Class #2 – Modules 4 – 8
  • Class #3 – Modules 9 – 11 and "How to Pass on the 1st Try” Roadmap