jstenbeck2John G. Stenbeck, PMP, CSM, CSP, PMI-ACP

John G. Stenbeck, PMP, CSM, CSP, PMI-ACP is the Founder of GR8PM, Inc. and a two-time Amazon #1 Best Selling author. The Agile Almanac reached Amazon #1 Best Seller status in December 2015, and the PMI-ACP On-Demand Exam Prep product suite achieved Amazon #1 Best Seller status in September 2016.

John is a sought-after Keynote speaker delivering over 50 events a year for the past 5 years. His programs engage hard-to-impress technically savvy leaders with unique blend of research and potent insights that enable them to be more powerfully productive!

He has been a guest on Good Morning America, the Today Show, the Oprah Winfrey Show and VoiceAmerica talk radio. He has been featured on the front page of the Los Angeles Times and the San Diego Union.

A partial list of John’s clients includes Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. – Defense Information Technologies Group; County of Orange; Guinness Bass Import Company; Hewlett-Packard Company; Lucent Technologies; Nike Corp.; Oracle Corp.; Qualcomm, Inc.; U.S. Army – Space and Terrestrial Communications Directorate; U.S.D.A. – National Finance Center; Visa – Smart Cards.

He recently recorded 71 video lectures in Agile Government Contracting and Agile Project Management for Villanova University’s online certificate and degree programs.

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Our Affiliate program was designed, specifically, to maximize your credibility, reduce your Instructor workload, and be profitable. Our program and materials reinforce your customers’ perception of your professional competence as a world-class provider of PMI-ACP® exam preparation.

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For engineers and technical professionals who want to advance their career into the field of Project Management, GR8PM (pronounced “Great PM”) is an unparalleled source of thought leadership and research-driven high-impact training content designed to shorten the learning curve and maximize the probability of successful outcomes. Unlike many other education providers, GR8PM specializes exclusively in serving engineers and technical professionals by distilling emerging trends and world-class research into practical, accessible content that is information dense and insight rich.

If you are part of that intense, intelligent, important community, we are here to work with you, and for you, to achieve your goals!


For engineers and technical professionals who want to understand Agile best practices and the science behind them, the Agile Almanac is an unbiased, well-researched compilation of the most used and proven standards, produced in a way that avoids the accusatory dogmatic viewpoints often expressed by the evangelists on any side of the Agile versus Traditional battlefield. Unlike the Scrum Guide and the PMBOK® Guide the Agile Almanac has collected and codified the various Agile choices and options available at the intersection of Lean Principles, Product Development and Project Management.

The Agile Almanac extends that thought leadership into non-software environments and presents the information in an easily accessible and immediately applicable fashion in order to serve as a Field Guide for practitioners in the real world!