PMP® Classes: Public and On-Site

john-stenbeck-flipchart 260At GR8PM we teach our PMP® Exam Prep classes in public, semi-public (sponsored by PMI Chapters), and corporate on-site modes.  Our focus is twofold.  First, make sure you pass the PMP® exam the first time.  Second, make sure you are prepared to use your project management skills successfully in your workplace environment.

Our corporate on-site programs can also be tailored to include company or industry specific content.

PMP® & CAPM® Exam Prep 3-Day Crash Course

Three Days in Class • 35 Hours Instruction & 35 PDUs

Concentrated Learning!

Have you stopped to consider that after you pass the PMP® (or CAPM®) exam your boss, your coworkers, and your colleagues expect you to perform at a higher level? Because that is reality, our exam prep system brings you break-through value by integrating training and coaching tips that improve your performance! Our research-driven course design means you understand and master the concepts in current edition of the the Project Management Institute, A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, (PMBOK® Guide) – Fourth Edition, Project Management Institute, Inc. 2008 – not just memorize and regurgitate them like our competitors force you to do. That is a very important difference because understanding helps retention, and retention drives success. Success in your career — not just in passing the exam — means you get a 2-for-1 value from our course!

Our course employs:

  • Specific exercises and detailed case studies.
  • Pedagagogically-designed tools not available elsewhere.
  • Significant research for extraordinary effectiveness passing the exam the first time!
  • Techniques that apply the PMBOK® Guide knowledge to the "famous" situational type exam questions.
  • Tactics for selecting the best answer from among four good choices, one of the test's most grueling aspects.
If you haven’t mastered these challenges your odds of passing the exam are going to suffer significantly.

Our goal is to make sure YOU pass the grueling PMP® or CAPM® Exam the first time! So we have done the research needed to develop methods that are extraordinarily effective in helping you achieve that goal. One of the facts that our research has validated is: Students who take the exam soon after effective training are far more likely to pass it the first time. Our course design nearly eliminates any after-class study time. So you take the exam sooner and increase the odds of success! Also, please download our free Application Prep Tool to organize your work experience and begin your application now. You can finish it later, but start it now! Submit your application online at

Of course, you should be forewarned. This is a rigorous preparation course, so please plan on arriving early and staying until the very end so you don’t miss important information. Expert Project Managers who are also expert Trainers teach our courses and that makes another big difference.

Course Outline

Module 1 - Course Introduction               Module 10 - Communications Management
Module 2 - Foundational Concepts   Module 11 - Quality Management
Module 3 - Process Framework   Module 12 - Risk Management
Module 4 - Integration Management   Module 13 - Human Resources Management
Module 5 - Scope Management   Module 14 - Procurement Management
Module 6 - Time Management   Module 15 - Professional Responsibility
Module 7 - Network Diagrams   Module 16 - How to Pass the PMP Exam
Module 8 - Cost Management   Module 17 - Final Exam
Module 9 - Earned Value Management    

Materials Include

  • Course Workbook and Study Worksheets (Not available for retail purchase.)
  • Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK® Guide) Fourth Edition
  • Exclusive PMP® Exam Prep Book
  • Three-month access to online study aid with unlimited practice tests
  • Flashcards customized to your specific needs
Course materials will include everything you need to take full advantage of the concentrated learning environment we will create.

Classroom Training Hours Credit

Students who complete the course receive a Certificate of Completion for 35 classroom hours of project management training. Class completion includes the required homework. This course satisfies the PMI training requirement (minimum of 35 hours) needed to sit for the PMP® exam.

Class PDUs

This program is designed for people who are familiar with basic project management concepts. PMP®s may take the class as a “refresher” and receive 35 PDUs if they fully complete the homework.

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