boom. "'Little Black Submarines' began as a demo that Brian and Dan made," Carney recalled to American Songwriter magazine, "but we completely changed the song around. Or did I? 4:00. On this page, hear how 'Little Black Submarines' by The Black Keys sounds like Led Zeppelin: 'Stairway to Heaven' | Sounds Just Like Tell me about that too! Something not working right? Little black submarines Operator, please, Put me back on the line Told my girl I'd be back Operator, please, This is wrecking my mind. level 1. The Black Keys The fourth track on The Black Keys' seventh studio album El Camino, “Little Black Submarines” originated as a demo recorded by guitarist Dan Auerbach and … That’s the really black keys Little black Submarine. They get lost and out of time. "Treasuremaps" is an old school reference for needle track marks, because they can resemble pirate- map type treasure maps in movies when they get bad., etc. In the Black Keys' new album, "El Camino", their track "Little Black Submarines" has a chord progression in the refrain that sounds eerily similar to another song I've heard before, but I can't figure out what it is. Forty years earlier, I get what you mean though.. I’m a fan of Led Zeppelin ! So, The Black Keys as you know it are really only Dan and Patrick. Little Black Submarines by the Black Keys. 2019-06-26T19:53:01Z Comment by Akshat Sinha. Many sounds recorded in the outdoors, are sounds not recognized by science or people with years spent in the wilderness. Stream the black keys: little black submarines by check out these excellent new sounds from the