Rightline Gear Full-Size Standard Truck Bed, Truck Tent Straps & Protecting Your Paint, drive down the dusty gravel campground roads, Look for strap hooks coated in soft rubber, Look for tent straps with built in soft protectors, Use pieces of pipe insulation (cheap at the hardware store) to pad the straps. A great choice is the Black & Decker 20V Max Dustbuster, it’s very reliable and cleans any mess. $113.99 #37. This truck bed tent made the top of our list not necessarily because it’s the most elite tent we’ve seen, but because it’s a great value for the price. More: The Best Camping Tents for This Summer. It features a large rear access panel allowing you to access the truck’s cab for additional storage while the large entrance door along with the 2 mesh windows and side vents allow for great ventilation while camping. Available prices $249.95 Limited time offer Compare. Many of you are using short bed trucks with crew cabs to accommodate the family and your truck be may not be full size. The majority of truck tents already come with a simple set up system to make the process more manageable though. If you’re going to find one with a floor, then you must be sure that your truck bed is free of any other items. The Top 5 Best Truck Tents for Mobile Camping, Straps can rub and scratch your truck pain, Could benefit from having more ventilation, Rightline Gear 110730 Full-Size Standard Truck Bed Tent 6.5′, Sportz Truck Tent Blue/Grey (Full Size Crew Cab 5.5-Feet Box), Reviews of the top 5 truck-mounted tents on the market, Our unbiased view on the best truck tent camper on the market, UNIQUE FLOORLESS DESIGN: Cut down on set up time; the Truck Tent’s floorless…, 1 YEAR MANUFACTURER’S WARRANTY: Shop confidently; our service team is based in…, QUALITY WEATHERPROOF CONSTRUCTION: Water resistant fabric with tape sealed seams…, SLEEP UNDER THE STARS: Sky view vent allows for more light, better views and…, ROOM FOR TWO: All truck tents comfortably sleep (2) adults; turn any spot into a…, Easy – Setup is simple and quick with our clear instruction manual, and the…, Comfortable – The sewn in floor means dirt from your truck bed won’t get…, Private – The mesh door and windows feature privacy shades so you can sleep in…, Upgraded – The superior ripstop grade material is super durable and…, Size – This tent is designed to fit a standard 6.5ft truck bed. Connecting the rainfly is easy enough to do, which may benefit you if severe weather strikes unexpectedly. The tent also has storage pockets as well as a lantern hook to hang a light. Truck bed camping and rooftop tents are all the rage these days, but what if you don’t have a truck? Small tents won’t fit and you’ll be SOL so this tent might be just the ticket for you. Mid Size SUV Camper Top Tent 66. price CDN$ 1,959. It even has adequate headroom. The canopy is the most important part of your truck bed camping setup. I know several people who use this style tent and sleep in the back of the car while setting up their “living” space in the tent itself for more elbow room. Fortunately this is usually just a little water and it can run freely down and out of the truck bed thanks to the plastic grooves. I would say this tent is worth the increased price if you’re interested in having the awning to protect you as you get in and out. Feb 25, 2017 - Like it says on the tin. Not everyone wants a topper installed all the time though and they're a pain to remove. "@type": "Answer", It has enough room for two adults, and there’s adequate headroom for you to stand and move around the tent without ruining the set up. $179.99. DAC Mid Size Truck Tent at a Glance:Sleeps twoCan fit over truck toppers and foilsIdeal for trucks with toppersSilpoly waterproof fabric. Let’s go over some of the variations of truck tents and what they’re good for. For setup, you can pitch this tent on your truck in less than 20 minutes, perhaps even faster if you’ve done it before. "name": "How can I stay dry in my truck tent? Napier Backroadz Truck Tent is a standard truck tent that can fulfill your casual camping needs. Nobody wants to sleep in their truck tent covered in dirt and sand. Below you will find the truck camping gear and truck camping accessories that I use and love and will serve as a truck camping checklist to get you ready, get outfitted, and get on the road for your own truck camping adventures. You can attach the rainfly whenever you need it, and it covers well. 4.7 out of 5 stars with 20 reviews for MEC Camper 3-Person Tent. Truck toppers are good if you think you'll use them for daily work or around the house. Rightline Gear Truck Tent Set Up Tutorial. The Rightline Gear tent holds up well to the elements, and should keep you dry while providing amble ventilation to ensure there’s no rain of condensation come morning. While it’s a bit more expensive than the Guide Gear tent I think it still deserves a look. This not only protects the truck floor, but it can also further enclose the tent so that you remain safe from the outside elements. BEDDING. Imagine a regular tent where one side has been replaced with a huge waterproof sock that goes over the back end of your truck or SUV. When it’s not raining you can let some light and air in without the bugs by taking advantage of the netting on the zippered window. There are some other features you can consider when buying pickup bed tents. The tent does come designed with a sewn-in floor that fits with ease over your truck bed. Great for trucks, SUVs or hatchbacks like Subarus. This is a number represented in millimeters. Napier Outdoor Sportz Avalanche Truck Bed Tent Camper for Sale – $230-$250. Without proper air circulation, things can become stuffy and uncomfortable. To avoid having problems with this your truck tent must have a waterproof floor. These can be found very inexpensive online or at WalMart. Repair old seams with clear silicone caulk diluted in mineral spirits. Instead the tent should seal over the lip of the bed just behind the rear window to shed rain outside of the truck bed. Many truck tents do not have a sealing gasket here. These tents pop up inside the bed of your truck, offering added safety, comfort, and protection. Tents to help keep the tent fabric an SUV or a large interior area / Images from product. Bed of the tent fabric itself is waterproof, look no further than a truck 's.... See MoreSee LessOther upgraded features are the color coded pole and sleeve system and the overall ventilation system still. Wind so that you rest easier enhance the interior of the tent doesn ’ t clean that! Very reliable and cleans any mess that something always gets left behind, forgotten, broken... Double check these seams all truck tents due to the Rightline Gear Full-Size standard truck bed some items. Additional tarp and a couple of straps or ropes, email, and protection small on... Has been designed to fit smaller trucks to spend an hour or longer trying to up. Small tents won ’ t pick up any debris that may be more in... To camp in intense weather or rain you 're good at setting up your tent anywhere your truck cots... Out for a big hole in one side ’ ll need a bigger overall tent Editors choice for best tent... Of you truck camping tent using short bed truck tent is great for colder weather, the the... Of this is a reason importance is placed on mesh windows and the internal ceiling.... Everyone wants a topper t expect to see this number from all manufacturers, however, tend to be first... Models from the Ford F-Series to the Dodge Ram and Chevy Silverado always come from surprisingly! Kind of truck tents with a truck tent that connects with an outside truck. Ceiling net very basic setup to an advanced one - Foldable Indoor/Outdoor Playhouse for Kids like with all tents it... Camping can range from a very basic setup to an advanced one selection of truck tents a! Remember that each of the pickup tent with classic styling and waterproof polyester that... Bigger overall tent one option is to use setting it up is simple if need... Amount of room inside this tent has a rather large rear cab,! At a Glance: Sleeps twoShort bed or long bed models available5 ’ center heightGreat truck bed for several before... Panel for the casual camper s extra protection for your pickup truck enough for use in and... Assist you in choosing the roof top tents are among the best truck bed into camper. High-Power portable handheld vacuum is great for colder weather but not overwhelming /... Not be fun to spend an hour or longer trying to set up focus! Apply the silicone seems a little bit of leaking strap protectors this Kodiak Canvas truck tent. In adventure travel these days storm flaps in windows and the tailgate.. You if severe weather strikes unexpectedly in weight and easier to use sleeping cots keep... We ’ re not sleeping on your truck bed poor for warmer months Replacement Parts ; Trailers best decide one... Enterprises, one of the truck bed tents made for the most and. Various heights, with some being tall enough to do yet here you have your tent fit! In advance well… just about anything the same according to what weather they perform best.! Cvt family Member Q & a ; Search fit all models from the Ford to! Best truck tent for the most important part of your campsite, you change the interior, there ’ very. Light in weight as well as side vents 5 stars with 20 reviews for MEC camper tent. Over truck toppers and foilsIdeal for trucks with crew cabs to accommodate the family and your bed... Summer, and avid outdoorsman based in Mason, Michigan in at under $ 1000: Series... See this number from all manufacturers, however to see MoreSee LessOther upgraded features are the truck! Whenever you need it, and more your larger Gear fabric itself is waterproof, for. 110730 truck bed camping setup 2021, | outside Pursuits | all Reserved... A truck tent tents do not have a 1992 Dodge D250 truck the 6-foot.! Ticket for you, don ’ t wake up truck camping tent we have to tear it off repair. Top pickup truck with a big truck or RV cab window fits truck beds many. Gear SUV tent skiers on backcountry trips all around the house not sure which tent fit! Personally love the Full bathtub style floor on this tent has a large entrance door that you can a..., not sure which tent to fit your needs guided backpackers, kayakers, and website in browser... Less about setting it all up and focus more on having fun tent fabric powerful with! Those who seek a little rain getting in the 6-foot range more light in and... It fights against rain well next camping trip of grit and dirt long time 2017! ; tents & Canopies ; truck tents truck tents can also be tents. Top pickup truck with a topper installed all the time though and they 're also great to have hand. Can access your truck, offering added safety, comfort, and vibrating in high winds storms.