knowledge-globe 260As a volunteer leader at your PMI Chapter, the challenges you face are significant! Those challenges include:

  • Too few volunteers to meet all the PMI mandates for "Core Services"
  • Overworked volunteers burning out, and volunteers who fail to deliver
  • Speakers who cost you money and then "fizzle"
  • Vendor Programs that fail to "fire up" member interest or deliver financial results that benefit the Chapter

We get that because we have been volunteering at our hometown Chapters for many years.  In fact, our commitment to PMI - at the local level - has driven our approach to serving YOU!

We offer a full-service, no-risk, collaboration that helps you "fire up" member interest without burdening your overworked volunteers (because our paid staff does the logistical "heavy lifting").

We help you deliver Programs and Speakers - with guaranteed results - that fulfill PMI's Core Services mandate and improve Chapter finances!
Precisely because we deliver value to PMI Chapters – large and small – the number that partner with us continues to grow.  To see a partial list, and learn about our hottest program, open this PDF link.

PMI 2016 LIM - Process for Video Streaming Meetings

To download the Process file PDF use this link.

PMI Talent Triangle PPTX

If you are seeking the PMI Talent Triangle PPTX slide to edit and use for your Chapter meetings use this link.

Download PowerPoint Presentation

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Program Choices for PMI Chapters

We offer no cost, risk-free, options that bring powerful Speaker and Training Program choices to you on any of the following topics:

  • PMI®'s newest, hottest certification, the PMI-ACP®
  • PMI®'s gold-standard credential, the PMP®
  • Scrum Master and Enterprise-Agile Break-throughs
  • Project Management Leadership Skills and Techniques
  • Estimating and Risk Management Best Practices, Tips and Tricks

What Is In It For You:

  • Meetings and events that attract record turn-out!
  • High-value, high-impact, member engagement
  • Chapter member retention and revenue growth

What Is Included:

  • Fully-supported programs (more member value and less volunteer work!)
  • High-caliber Speakers and Instructors
  • Train-the-Trainer plus Transition Plans for Chapter self-sufficiency (if desired)
  • Alternate formats to reach more members (like 2-PDU meetings, "Crash" courses and advanced topics)

How Does It Work:

Built on a time-tested model (proven again in 2012 by over 20 PMI Chapters)

  • Chapter gets 100% no-risk sponsorship fees
  • GR8PM does the logistics “heavy lifting”
  • GR8PM takes 100% of the risk
  • Works for Chapters large, small, and everywhere in between

How to Start:

  • Schedule a conference call with GR8PM and your team
  • Decide Chapter’s needs and preferences
  • Design and launch the Chapter’s custom program

Upcoming GR8PM Training Opportunities:



For engineers and technical professionals who want to advance their career into the field of Project Management, GR8PM (pronounced “Great PM”) is an unparalleled source of thought leadership and research-driven high-impact training content designed to shorten the learning curve and maximize the probability of successful outcomes. Unlike many other education providers, GR8PM specializes exclusively in serving engineers and technical professionals by distilling emerging trends and world-class research into practical, accessible content that is information dense and insight rich.

If you are part of that intense, intelligent, important community, we are here to work with you, and for you, to achieve your goals!


For engineers and technical professionals who want to understand Agile best practices and the science behind them, the Agile Almanac is an unbiased, well-researched compilation of the most used and proven standards, produced in a way that avoids the accusatory dogmatic viewpoints often expressed by the evangelists on any side of the Agile versus Traditional battlefield. Unlike the Scrum Guide and the PMBOK® Guide the Agile Almanac has collected and codified the various Agile choices and options available at the intersection of Lean Principles, Product Development and Project Management.

The Agile Almanac extends that thought leadership into non-software environments and presents the information in an easily accessible and immediately applicable fashion in order to serve as a Field Guide for practitioners in the real world!