GR8PM, INC. (hereinafter "GR8PM") respects and protects the users of any GR8PM product or service. This Shipping and Handling Policy explains how we handle unexpected changes and the choices that you can make about the way it is handled.  

Any and all changes must be approved via e-mail by GR8PM’s Customer Service department (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  While we cannot guarantee a particular outcome we will do our best to accommodate your request.  Changes are done at the sole and absolute discretion of GR8PM and are not subject to any limits.

Handling Policy

Order processing time applies to all orders and is defined as 2 business days.  Whenever possible orders will be shipped the same day and are always shipped as soon as possible.  Processing and shipping are done only on business days (Monday-Friday).

Shipping Policy

We ship worldwide.  Before finalizing any purchase, you can view the exact shipping costs.

Delivery Options

Domestic is defined as within the continental United States of America.

International is defined as NOT within the continental United States of America.

Shipping Options

Domestic Express Time Saver: 2- or 3-day delivery plus Order Processing

Domestic Ground Money Saver: 5- or 6-day delivery plus Order Processing

International Express Time Saver: 3- or 4-day delivery plus Order Processing

International Money Saver: 7- or 10-day delivery plus Order Processing

Undeliverable Orders

Refunds for undeliverable orders will be reduced by the cost of all shipping – delivery and return – and a thirty (30%) percent re-stocking fee, deducted from the net fees paid to determine the refund amount.  Refunds will be processed 30 days after receipt of the returned product.

Your order is defined as Undeliverable if it is returned due to any of the following reasons:

    1. Refused by Recipient

    2. Unclaimed

    3. Invalid Address

    4. Addressee Not Known

    5. Insufficient Address

Please make sure the address you provide is absolutely accurate and correct.

Order Policy Summary

We cannot cancel orders once payment has been processed.

All sales of tangible products, such as books and CDs, are final. In the event of receiving damaged or defective products, we will replace the defective product at no additional charge. 

All sales of tangible products shipped outside of the domestic United States of America are considered INTERNATIONAL orders.  All international sales are final and cannot be returned or refunded.

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For engineers and technical professionals who want to advance their career into the field of Project Management, GR8PM (pronounced “Great PM”) is an unparalleled source of thought leadership and research-driven high-impact training content designed to shorten the learning curve and maximize the probability of successful outcomes. Unlike many other education providers, GR8PM specializes exclusively in serving engineers and technical professionals by distilling emerging trends and world-class research into practical, accessible content that is information dense and insight rich.

If you are part of that intense, intelligent, important community, we are here to work with you, and for you, to achieve your goals!


For engineers and technical professionals who want to understand Agile best practices and the science behind them, the Agile Almanac is an unbiased, well-researched compilation of the most used and proven standards, produced in a way that avoids the accusatory dogmatic viewpoints often expressed by the evangelists on any side of the Agile versus Traditional battlefield. Unlike the Scrum Guide and the PMBOK® Guide the Agile Almanac has collected and codified the various Agile choices and options available at the intersection of Lean Principles, Product Development and Project Management.

The Agile Almanac extends that thought leadership into non-software environments and presents the information in an easily accessible and immediately applicable fashion in order to serve as a Field Guide for practitioners in the real world!